Trehalose Artefacts

Trehalose Artefacts is about enhancing human survival during drought using trehalose, a natural sugar that protects cells from dehydration. It explores how trehalose-based products may be developed to enable humans to live on less water by reducing water loss through skin surfaces.

The project focuses on two solutions: a range of skincare products, where different concentrations of trehalose are available for a variety of user needs and micro-encapsulated clothing, where the sugar is embedded in fabric and delivered to the skin when required. These are used along with e-tattoos which track hydration levels and inform users when they may need to reapply.
TretSk1n skincare range and tools
E-tattoos for tracking hydration
Tretsk1n Essentials, Enhance and Extreme for different skin needs
TretSk1n skinwear with micro-encapsulated layers
Trehalose Artefacts was an MA Material Futures (Central Saint Martins) project created in collaboration with the UCL Centre for Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine.

Featured on publications such as LS:N GlobalProtein and Disegno, the project was also exhibited as part of The Intelligent Optimist during London Design Festival 2015.

Model: Jewel Tai / Makeup: Adama Jatta / Photography: Ben Pendlebury
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