Culture Comforts was a supperclub-style event exploring the notion of comfort food: where did the concept come from? How does it translate across different cultures in terms of expectations and ingredients, and how does that impact the way we perceive certain foods?

Inspired by our travels, we focused on several staples from around the world with consideration to historical provenance and contemporary evolution: eggs, sausages, skins (flours), burgers and ramen.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

In keeping with the idea of cultural exploration the menus were crafted like investigation folders, containing images, notes and other clippings in different colours and sizes stored in stitched, translucent envelopes. 

Each opens with an excerpt from Astoria or Anecdotes of an Enterprise Beyond the Rocky Mountains, the first known mention of creature comforts for weary, worn travellers.

Tomatoes / Mexico
Blinis / Russia  Mustard, beetroot caviar, horseradish sauce
paired with Real Kombucha Dry Dragon & Smoke House, lychee tea

Congee / China  Tarragon broth, chive foam, cured egg yolk
Kaya Soldiers / United Kingdom & Singapore  Beetroot pickled eggs, spiced kaya, crispy beancurd soldiers
paired with Keigetsu sake, hibiscus flower tea

Sausage Roll / France  Sausage meat, pickled mustard greens, satay sauce, dried shrimp, Chinese chives
Hot Dog Bun / United States  Bratwurst, bao, ketchup, mustard, pickles, crispy onions
paired with Brooklyn old-fashioned

Taco / Mexico  Toasted rice flour tortilla, Szechuan peppercorn milk-poached fish, mango salsa
Dumplings / China  Black bean chipotle chocolate soup dumpling and nightshade crystal dumpling: tomatoes, peppers, aubergine, sweet potato
paired with Lagerita

Burger / United States  Seared crispy hirata, char siu beef, pickled mooli, pak choy, mango ketchup
Fries / Belgium  Deep fried yam
paired with ‘Coke can’ cocktail

Tonkotsu / Japan  Mochiko noodles, matcha broth, bamboo tuile, milk jelly & saffron cream egg
paired with Bodega Ochoa moscatel, Coedo Shikkoku black lager

Here are some images kindly provided by our guests, and behind-the-scenes kitchen experiments:

Design & Logistics: Jaime TaiProduction: Ben PendleburyPatisserie: Jewel Tai​​​​​​​

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